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Elisabeth Jönsson Brown

All my fabrics are handwoven in my studio near Media,  Pennsylvania. 2NewRoadStudios

My Swedish background greatly influences my fabric and garment designs.  Long-lasting clothing that is well-made, comfortable, proper fitting  and of the highest quality. 


When creating my fabrics, I start out experimenting on a sample loom before setting up my warp on a 63” wide Glimåkra loom.  After the fabric is off the loom it has to be washed and blocked in order to make the finished yardage “blossom”. 


I use varied weight and textures of yarns depending on what I want to make; coats, jacket, vests,

shawls, scarves and hats. For warmth, I use

wool yarns. For lighter weight a combination

of bamboo, cotton, rayon, chenille and

occasionally silk fiber.


My fashions are styled along classical

lines making them useful for almost any

occasion. Easy to wear: go to the office,

casual use and good for travel.


Special orders welcome!


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